A firefighter from Tooting, John Chinnery, saved the life of a football fan who collapsed in the stands at a match it has been revealed. He used a defibrillator and is calling for the life saving machines to be more readily available which would save more lives of people suffering from heart attacks.

The fan is making a good recovery. The London Fire Brigade used the hashtag #NotJustFires proving their job is far more in depth and their roles.

John Chinnery was off-duty at the time of the incident and preparing to give his pre-match talk to his Corinthian Casuals as he is their coach of the reserve side. He was carrying out the same role he had done for the past 11 years, when one of his players ran up to him informing him of the news.

Luckily he was on hand to save the man’s life.


(Image Credit: London Fire Brigade)


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