There are various Marks and Spencer stores across the United Kingdom today that have reportedly sold out of mojito cans just days after a photo was circulated online and across social media of Diane Abbott drinking from one on a London Overground train.

The Shadow Home Secretary recently tweeted that she was “sincerely sorry” for illegally drinking on the London train after she was caught in the act by a passenger who took a cheeky photo. She tweeted this past Friday: “A photo of me drinking from a can of M&S mojito on the Overground has been circulated. I sincerely apologise for drinking on TfL.”
Drinking alcohol is against the law on all Tubes, buses and trains run by Transport for London (TfL), and has been for some time now indeed.

However, the photograph seems to have encouraged people to buy the same can on the Easter bank holiday weekend for fun with people reporting on social media that the can has sold out from M&S stores. Whilst this was initially only an online rumour, it did in fact become a reality!

Micah Frzer-Carroll wrote: “M&S mojito tinnies SOLD OUT in Hackney Central today, the constituents have spoken.”
Andrew Nix wrote: “Just been up M&S in Southgate for some cans of #Mojito for the tube journey. Sold out! #TheAbbottEffect @HackneyAbbott.”
Ari wrote: “Went to m&s to buy a mojito and they’re sold out.”
Matthew wrote on Twitter: “Diane Abbott should get paid for this unbelievable guerrilla marketing for M&S, being pictured with the mojito during a heatwave bank holiday weekend lmao.”

Some people have found it less funny however with radio show host, Julia Hartley-Brewer laying it on thick during her show – The key point was it was on public transport, which in London is an offence.

“And for very good reason; there used to actually be really unpleasant drunks and unfortunately someone just sipping from a can – you have to have a blanket rule.
“But also it was lunchtime!

She also stated – “If you’re drinking a cocktail on the train at lunchtime… I’m sorry, something’s going horribly wrong in your life.

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