A man has been jailed after beating his friend to death over a £30 debt has been jailed for ten years.

David Dalling, 45, Lambeth, was found guilty of the manslaughter of Hurbert Hall, 60, at Wood Green Crown Court on Wednesday, 29 January following a trial. Dalling was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment.

The court heard that Mr Hall and Dalling had been drinking alcohol together on the night of the incident.

The friends began to argue over a £30 debt. Dalling, the youngest and fittest of the two, threw Mr Hall to the floor and began attacking him and proceeded to kick him six times in the head.

Dalling walked off to pick-up the items that had fallen out of Mr Hall’s pocket, before delivering a seventh sickening kick to Mr Hall’s head before calmly walking away.

A passer-by discovered Mr Hall lying motionless on the floor, face down in a pool of his own blood.

The member of public called 999 and officers and the London Ambulance Service attended and rushed to Mr Hall’s aid.

Mr Hall, from Walthamstow, sustained injuries to his head causing severe blood loss and a traumatic brain Injury. He was taken to an east London hospital where he sadly died at 17:40hrs the next day.

An investigation was launched by homicide detectives from Specialist Crime and Dalling was arrested on suspicion of murder on Thursday, 4 April after police enquiries identified him as the suspect.

When he was arrested and cautioned, Dalling made a reply of ‘I understand’ and ‘murder?’

During interview, Dalling answered ‘no comment’ to all the questions put to him when charged in April.

Detective Sergeant Daniel Yeoman, from Specialist Crime, said: “Dalling carried out a brutal, vicious attack on Mr Hall over a petty argument over a £30 debt. Dalling continued his attack on Mr Hall, even when he was lying defenceless on the ground and clearly injured. Dalling then calmly walked away without an ounce of remorse for what he had done to his friend.

“Luckily our enquiries enabled us to swiftly arrest Dalling and the evidence we compiled has resulted in him being convicted and jailed for killing Mr Hall.”

(Source and image credit: Met Police)


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