A 18-year-old man has been jailed for stabbing a 15-year-old boy to death. The attack was ‘random’ and the boy was ‘waiting for a friend’. 

Nyron Baptiste, 18 , from Penge has been found guilty of Jay Hughes’s murder. He appeared at the Old Bailey today (Friday, 2 August), and was sentenced to life imprisonment and told he must serve a minimum term of 19 years behind bars police have revealed.

Baptiste had not previously been named due to his age but as he is now 18, his identity can be made public.

Detective Sergeant Anthony Atkin, who works in Homicide part of Specialist Crime said: “Jay Hughes was just a 15-year-old boy who was simply buying food and waiting for a friend to spend the evening at a youth club; this could have been anyone’s child that evening. What Jay did not know, was that at that moment Nyron Jean-Baptiste had armed himself with a large knife and set out with others intent on violence.

“CCTV captured the moments as Nyron arrived in a car. Jay was standing outside the shop with another, who was chased off. Nyron approached a defenceless Jay who had not provoked or sought to flee. I doubt that Jay truly understand what was about to happen.

Nyron indiscriminately stabbed Jay in the chest piercing his heart and then boasted that he had ‘got one’ as he ran back to the car. I am at a loss to understand how anyone could carry out such a wickedly despicable act.

Nyron was identified and eventually tracked down and arrested. Even after all the horror he inflicted with a weapon, a large hunting knife was found in the waistband of his trousers on arrest. Throughout the trial Nyron denied his involvement, claiming he did not know where he was that day.

The jury, after careful consideration of the evidence saw through this and found him guilty of this heinous act. Today at sentencing, as he has done throughout the investigation and trial, Nyron has shown no remorse. He now has a minimum of 19 years to reflect on what he has done and the pain and suffering he has inflicted on jay, his family, his friends and all those who witnessed this brutal act.

My heart goes out to Jay’s family who are obviously devastated by the loss of their precious young child. I can only hope that the sentenced passed today will help in some small way.

Lastly I would also like thank those people who came to Jay’s aid and those who came forward and assisted the investigation. Many people came to help that night and it is important that when wickedness has been done, the good that lies within a community is not forgotten.”

(Image Credit and Source: news.met.police.uk)


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