A man who was in possession of explosive substances has been jailed. 

Anthony Laszewski, 57, from Isleworth was sentenced at the Old Bailey to 20 months’ imprisonment for possession of an explosive substance (18 months); making off without payment (4 weeks); and attempted making off without payment (4 weeks).

On 27 June he pleaded guilty to possession of an explosive substance whist appearing for another matter related to unpaid petrol in his van.

When police searched his van, they uncovered jars which contained low explosive substances, low explosive powders and propellants, and flares it has been revealed. He claimed the items were for fireworks night and a search of his flat uncovered a number of fireworks.

Commander Clarke Jarrett, head of the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command, said: ““Following the identification of the dangerous items in Laszewki’s van, officers were swift to identify him and secure his arrest, removing a potential threat to the public. A search of his home address was carried out to ensure there were no other harmful substances in his possession.

“I praise the garage staff for their decisive actions which led to the detection of the explosive substances, potentially preventing someone being injured or worse.”

(Image and Source Credit: News.met.police.uk)


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