A man who brandished a gun at police officers in London has been jailed.

Kadie Spence, 31, was sentenced after being found guilty of possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence following a trail at Inner London Crown Court.

He will serve six years in custody and another three years on licence it was revealed.

Two police officers pulled over a Hyundai car on Warner Road, Camberwell with Spence being a passenger as part of a routine stop as the vehicle was travelling at speed.

Spence ‘immediately became confrontational’ in trying to escape from the car and flee. There was a struggle with the other officer in attempt to stop him fleeing and Spence was tasered unsuccessfully. Spence was holding a firearm at the time which was the pointed at one of The police officers.

The taser was then deployed again and the officers managed to disarm Spence and handcuff him with the weapon being recovered.

When examined the firearm was found to be prohibited but could not fire live ammunition.

Central South Borough Commander Simon Messinger said:“Despite being unarmed, the officers acted quickly and bravely to arrest this man.

“With previous history of possession of a firearm, Spence clearly has no consideration for his actions and has proven himself to be a dangerous individual more than once.

“I hope the sentencing highlights how seriously the brazen act of carrying an offensive weapon on London’s streets is taken by the Met.”

(Image credit and source: news.met.police.uk)


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