There is a major incident in Streatham this afternoon. Unconfirmed reports state that a suspect has been shot dead by police.

One person tweeted: “My friend is on streatham high street, she has just seen a man shot dead, in Broadday light. He was walking out of Iceland. Armed police and helicopters on the scene. Horrific.”

Another person said: “Anyone looking to go through streatham high road today forget it, man shot dead by police! Maaaaaaaadting”

There is a major police and ambulance presence on site with at least ten emergency vehicles. Images show what appears to be a dead body laying in the street following the incident. People have been discussing in detail on Twitter.

“Lambeth MPS tweeted: *INCIDENT* Officers are dealing with an incident in #Streatham More updates to come, we will share information as we have it.”

Another person said: “Boy all the buses in Streatham are on diversion. Police helicopter adm air ambulance plus hella police cars. What is goin on in the streets….”

Armed police are at the scene on Streatham High Street. (Image Credit: Andy Bullemor)


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