London Mayor, Sadiq Khan and the Met police have announced that there will be an increased police presence across London over the Easter break.

Graham McNulty, deputy assistant commissioner at the MET said “With schools off for the Easter holidays, we expect to see an increase of people in public spaces, particularly if the weather is good. So, to ensure young people can enjoy the break safely the Met will be working closely with our partners in an uplift of activity to tackle public place violence, With a particular focus on hot spot areas in and around transport hubs”

Whilst Sadiq Khan said “I am determined to lead from the front to tackle violent crime in our city supporting the police as they focus on arresting violent offenders while we tackle the root causes. But I have always been clear that we can’t arrest our way out of this issue alone the causes of violence crime or extremely complex and involve deep seated problems like poverty, inequality, social alienation and a lack of opportunities for young people”

As of April 2019, 20 people have died from stabbings in London this year alone. Many of these people have been teenagers, and in some areas the S60 please search warrant has been issued to search people without reasonable cause.


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