London Ambulance paramedics were left in shock when they found hand written notes on their ambulance today. 

The notes said “park responsibly” and “do not block others parking space”

They tweeted about the notes today and said the following –

“Paramedic Marzio found these unhelpful notes on his ambulance at an emergency. We try to park well, but in an emergency, we need to park close to the house as quickly as possible. We also don’t want to have to carry/wheel sick patients in public halfway down the road! SA”

Another tweet stated –

“Sooooooooooo today we parked on a pavement (with room for pedestrians to pass) so we didn’t block the only access road to a busy residential car park, when a resident asked us to move incase we damaged the slabs. #CantWin”

The notes were posted on a North West London Ambulance this afternoon.

(Image Credit: London Ambulance Service)


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